Motatapu Mountain Bike Race

Garth enjoys competing in mountain bike events far more than he enjoys swimming in icy rivers. Yet sometimes in events like this, taking a dip is par for the course and adds to the adventure. This photo was later published in the Adventure Magazine with the comment "some people had trouble maintaining control!". 

The Tarawera Ultra Marathon 2013

Starting in Rotorua, the run through the Tarawera Forest has a tag line "Run somewhere extraordinary". Garth has a penchant for extraordinary places and mixing it with a favourite outdoor pursuit makes it even more worthwhile.

Guide Tour in Bolivia

Bolivia Adventure Motorcycle Trip

Garth with two school mates, on a guided adventure motorcycle trip through Bolivia stopping in the Salar de Uyuni salt flats.  


Oodnadatta Track Ride

Garth and three old friends at Uluru, having just ridden their bikes 2000km on the dirt road of the Oodnadatta Track. A great way for a Paediatrician, a Dairy Farmer, Seed Merchant and a Physiotherapist to spend some time together in the Aussie outback.


Road Biking

Garth finds it increasingly difficult to keep up with his daughters on bikes and by foot, but he keeps trying!

Annual skiing trip to Temple Basin

Annual Ski trip

Garth and friends regularly explore the fantastic alpine playground that we live in. This photo at the top of Temple Basin, a big walk for the last run of the day.

Garth and Dad

Australian Trip with Dad

Garth and his father went on an Australian bike trip, starting at the Sydney Opera House, circumnavigating the continent. In this shot they have arrived back at the same spot that 6 weeks earlier they had to make the decision "do we go clockwise or anti-clockwise?". 

Family Holidays

Garth and his family also enjoy travelling together. They were lucky enough to recently have a European winter holiday.